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What is it about a white blouse?

Wild and lively patterns are certainly having their moment with popular styles from designers like Ulla Johnson, Zimmerman, and La DoubleJ, and they are magnificent! Yes, indulge in some fun patterns, but don't forget a white blouse is always there for you. A great white blouse is like the palate cleanser of a fine dining meal ~ not dull or boring, but refreshing and subtle in it's own magnificent way. 

The white blouse is a wardrobe must. Whether you prefer ruffle collars, pleated tuxedo plackets, boho details, bows, lace, sleeveless, or statement cuffs, there is a white blouse for every style and occasion. She will take you anywhere ~ from a formal event paired with a gorgeous maxi skirt to an everyday hum drum routine. When you stare into your closet as the seasons change with nothing to wear, she's there for you. She is everyone's friend and doesn't discriminate based on age, season, size, or style.

All of the white blouses in our collection are made from the finest materials in the most ethical and sustainable way, which makes you love them even more. There is the perfect shade for whatever suits you best. Keep it bright white or a bit more creamy, you choose. Find your perfect style here.