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Dresses, Caftans, & Skirts

An instant outfit, a mood lifter, feminine, and easy. Slip it on and you're ready for whatever the day brings.

Tops & Blouses

The foundation of your wardrobe, your first impression. Embroidered details, billowed sleeves, simply white ~ timeless, ageless, season-less.

Photo of mother and 2 daughters in the 1960's wearing matching paper dresses-modeling for a newspaper-the founder of Nifty is one of the little girls introducing styles with a 1970s influence-Nifty

With a touch of 1970's style inspiration, we've sought out slow fashion designers who share our passion. I'm so excited to share this style of living!

Dede DeYonker, Founder

We are so excited to be the first shop in the United States to carry her beautiful blouses and dresses. More than just discovering pretty clothes, we love the story of the designers and their efforts to make a difference in the fashion industry.
My love of a shopping mall goes way back and was passed down from my mother, grandmother, and great aunt. Growing up in a small town, heading to Atlanta...