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Designer Spotlight on l u · c i e e

We are so excited to be the first shop in the United States to carry her beautiful blouses and dresses. More than just discovering pretty clothes, we love the story of the designers and their efforts to make a difference in the fashion industry.

Lucie, the founder of the brand, did not begin her career in the fashion industry, but focused on supporting adolescent youth around the world. I absolutely love stories of reinvention, so of course Lucie's story spoke to me. As stated on their website, "The most defining pillar of l u • c i e e is our commitment to our artisan partners, young people and the environment."

Their styles are so beautifully made by gifted artisans on the island of Bali, contributing to a positive economic impact on the community. Her past experience working with children has been woven into her new venture in such a meaningful way. We couldn't agree more with all that Lucie embodies in her creations and are honored to be a part of her story.💕

"I care to live a slow-er life.
I care to be connected to nature.
I care for most of things to be minimal yet rich.
I care to provide fair livelihood opportunity to the women and men I work with on this island, and away.
I care to build strong human connections, partnerships and join in collaborative efforts with like-minded businesses.
I care to inspire other women to make meaningful purchases.
I care to play my role in shifting the paradigm of fast fashion towards a conscious consumption.
Occasionally, I care to dip my feet in sand and hug the Earth with my toes.
Your life is the sum of all your experiences."  Lucie
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