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What is Slow Fashion?

All "Fabrik" is Not the Same!

I just became aware of the terms "slow fashion" and "fast fashion" in the last couple of years. It's one of those things that once you are aware, you can't believe you didn't know sooner. It's a very complex concept with many different criteria to determine if an article of clothing qualifies as slow fashion. In a nutshell, investing in slow fashion is to be a conscious consumer of products that do not cause harm to the environment or people involved in the manufacturing process.

I think, Sarah Hardie, creator of the sustainable brand Fabrik, made in Bali from plant based dyes, describes it best: "Transparency is essential as is the clear defining of ethical clothing, sustainable clothing and slow fashion. Put simply:

Ethical Fashion – concerns human rights.

Sustainable Fashion – concerns the environment.

Slow Fashion – concerns the clothing piece itself."

The Fabrik styles that Nifty carries are not the same as those found in the Fab'rik stores throughout the United States, which align more with fast fashion practices. The founder of Fab'rik has a fascinating story and each store focuses on recycling clothing to give to women in need in their communities. Their website states, "Extending the life of your clothing by a single year decreases carbon emissions by 24%". 

I have found that the many designers we carry are on different levels of the slow fashion spectrum. I certainly have much to learn, but it is apparent that the fashion world is evolving toward a more humane way of delivering fashion. Awareness is the first step. I have always been a bit of a fabric snob, which kept me from purchasing items made of synthetic materials, but now that I am aware of the impact of fast fashion, I will shop with a different perspective.

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