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Reversible Quilted Andre Vest

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Size: XS

Louise Misha really values the fact each of its pieces are unique. Hand-made embroideries, bright colored pompons, macramé... The brand is always looking to valorize artisanal knowhow and handmade to represent its identity and give a little bit of soul to each piece. Committed to participating in the local development of the countries with which the brand collaborates, Louise Misha takes a major interest in the human working conditions of each worker and in the balance of trade relations with all the workshops. 

Transform your look with the Reversible Quilted Andre Vest. Its intricate block print floral design adds elegance to any outfit, while the option to switch to a classic off white provides versatility for any occasion. Elevate your style and mood with this reversible vest with tie belt. 

  • Sleeveless reversible vest.
  • Fully padded.
  • Patch pockets on the floral side.
  • Reversible belt in matching material.

Generously sized